One page says it all.

When we are researching for a topic, we become overwhelmed by lots of information that we sometimes wonder how did we arrive on so many pages just to understand one simple topic.

And to make our agony worse, those pages from different authors go against one another that we tend to be confused on which one is real or which one is just made up.

Every time my daughter ask me about something she gets curious about, I always have a tendency to be a “professor” explaining about point 1 until I find myself to point 10 not realizing that I was already using terms that can make a 10-year-old mind more confused. So, there was one time I was feeling exhausted from explaining, I just blabbed out the simplest summary in one sentence, and that’s when she said: “Or you could have just told me that…”

This is what Saririt is all about. That is, to make things easier for “uncomplex” minds to understand complex things. To make things easier for those confused thoughts, to embrace an intricate topic in its simple and plain cover.

Saririt offers a collection of diverse topics that are sometimes expected to be true but are not really been known to others. Topics that can only be made clear in one page…

One page says it all… Just one page to nourish our knowledge… Saririt

“Saririt” is an Ilokano term nearest to knowledge or wit.